ASSERT Digital Forensics Research

There are several digital forensics projects underway at the ASSERT center, including the following:

  • Kara Nance is leading an effort to develop a research agenda for the digital forensics field. This effort has involved in a working lunch series at CISSE 2008 and a paper and presentation at HICCS 2009. Several participants have been assigned to working groups in a variety of sub-areas, and this work is expected to lead to further publications in 2009.

  • The Virtual Machine Introspection (VMI) research underway at UAF has a focus on the application of VMI to digital forensics. Brian Hay, Kara Nance, and Joel St. John are currently involved in this effort.

For information about the digital forensics research underway at ASSERT, including how to get involved, contact us via email (you can use this pgp key if necessary)

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