ASSERT Complex Systems Research

In conjunction with the UAF Complex Systems Center and collaborators at other insitutions, ASSERT Center faculty and students are currently investigating the dynamics of complex networks, such as power systems and communication networks. This work is funded by the National Science Foundation and the University of Alaska. The faculty and students currently involved in this project are:

  • David Newman (PI) - UAF Complex Systems Center
  • Kara Nance - UAF ASSERT Center
  • Brian Hay - UAF ASSERT Center
  • Oralee Nudson - Arctic Regions Supercomputing Center
  • Ben Carreras - Oak Ridge Nation Laboratory
  • Ian Dobson - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Matt Zeidenberg - Columbia University

For information about the complex systems research underway at ASSERT, including how to get involved, contact us via email (you can use this pgp key if necessary).

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