ASSERT Center Research

There are several ongoing research projects associated with the ASSERT Center. Research topics include the following:

  • Honeynets: The UAF ASSERT Center is currently a probationary member of the Honeynet Project.

  • Election Systems: UAF ASSERT Center faculty and staff have participated in several projects related to election system security.

  • Digital Forensics: In addition to acting as a digital forensics resource for law enforcement and the legal system in Alaska, the ASSERT Center has several ongoing digital forensics projects.

  • Complex Systems: In conjunction with the UAF Complex System Center, ASSERT Center faculty and students are currently investigating the dynamics of complex networks, such as power systems and communication networks.

  • Labs: The ASSERT Center hosts a world-class remotely accessible security lab, and has led efforts to develop improve access to such resources nationwide.

  • Virtual Machine Introspection: The ASSERT Center is currently investigating the security implications of Virtual Machine Introspection.

  • Intrusion Detection Systems: ASSERT Center faculty and students are invloved in several IDS-related projects.

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