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TASK Presentations

The recently funded Teaching Alaskans...Sharing Knowledge (TASK) program places graduate students from science and technology disciplines in Alaska K-12 schools, with the goal of raising the level of science and technology education. One of the current TASK Fellows is a graduate student in Computer Science, and as part of his work he has given presentations on computer security topics to students, teachers, and Parent Teacher Associations.

CS480 (Spring 2007) War Games Exercise Presentations

  • Team 1 - A. Blair, T. Denny, P. DeVries, E. Cray, I. Dixon
  • Team 2 - B. Pfeifer, L. Meiller, D. Nikoslkiy, E. Kalinin, A. Beraud
  • Team 3 - K. Galloway, J. St. John, P. Snider, A. Ray, W. Barnes
  • Team 4 - J. Governale, J. Weed, J. Webber, E. Russell, B. Paden

Student Presentations


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