ASSERT Lab Usage Policy

Users of the ASSERT lab facilities must agree to abide by the following usage policy: To obtain an account in the lab you must submit a signed copy of this policy to the ASSERT Lab manager (printable version).

  • No food or drink in the lab.
  • In order to ensure that the campus network is not jeopardized by the ASSERT lab activities, the networks to which the virtual machines and physical workstations are attached are isolated from the campus networks. Users may not connect any device to these networks (e.g. laptop computers), and no attempt should be made to connect any of the ASSERT lab machines to any external network.
  • Several of the virtual machines in the lab provide network and user management functions (i.e. such as DHCP, DNS, NTP, and Web), and should not be subjected to any form of attack.
  • Users should understand that their activities in the lab may be monitored and recorded as a consequence of other lab projects or by lab administrators, and as a result should not use passwords in the ASSERT lab that they use for other systems, or introduce any confidential information into the lab environment.
  • Users should understand that the lab network may be a hostile environment, and should take precautions to ensure that their work is not disrupted by the work of other lab users. Such precautions may include running their systems on a dedicated network within the lab.
  • Users may not attempt to disrupt the activity of other lab users without the specific consent of the users involved. This includes, but is not limited to, attempting to access the accounts of other lab users, or using other user's systems as targets for attack.
  • If you perform some activity that impacts the lab environment, clean up when your work is complete. For example, if you are studying the propagation technique of the latest worm, and infect several of the lab systems as a result, please clean the systems afterwards (in many cases this may just involve reverting to a VMware snapshot).
  • You are welcome to install software on the virtual machines assigned to your account provided you abide by the terms of any applicable license. Several software packages are already available in the lab, with the appropriate licenses. Requests to purchase additional commercial software for lab use, or to have software added to the lab download servers, should be made to the lab manager.
  • Several groups, classes, and institutions use the lab each semester. Requests for dedicated access to lab resources or scheduled lab times should be coordinated through the lab manager.
  • If you have a justifiable reason to perform some activity in the lab, and are unsure if your activities will violate the lab usage policies, ask first!
  • If you are the last person to leave Chapman 206, close the door.
Failure to abide by these rules will result in ASSERT lab usage privileges being revoked, and may also result in academic, civil, or criminal penalties
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