ASSERT Lab Facilities

The ASSERT Lab currently includes the following three environments:

  • ASSERT Remote Access Lab: This is the main ASSERT lab facility and is accessible remotely using either a web-browser or the VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client software. The lab environment is highly configurable, both in terms of the virtual machines made available to users and in the physical and virtual networks to which the VMs are attached. All VM activity is confined to isolated networks within the lab environment. The lab can be accessed at

  • ASSERT Digital Forensics Lab: This lab is physically located in Chapman 206 on the UAF Campus, and includes several workstations with a variety of free and commercial digital forensics software (including the industry standard Encase and FTK software packages), hardware write blocking devices (including Digital Intelligence F.R.E.D. systems), and targeted devices for investigations (e.g., hard disk drives).

  • ASSERT SCADA Lab: This lab is physcially located in Chapman 206 on the UAF Campus, and includes SCADA hardware, a dedicated network, a control workstation with SCADA software, and a monitoring workstation.

Details on how to request access to any of the ASSERT Lab facilites is available on the accounts page.

The ASSERT Lab infrastructure has been funded through grants from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the UAF College of Natural Science and Mathematics, the State of Alaska, the UAF Technology Advisory Board, the National Science Foundation, and NASA.

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