ASSERT Classes

The following classes use ASSERT Center resources for a major component of their work:

  • CS361 - System Administration and Security
  • CS442 - Computer Communication and Networks
  • CS460 - Digital Forensics
  • CS462 - Intrusion Detection Systems
  • CS463 - Cryptography
  • CS480 - Computer Security
  • CS493 - Information Assurance
  • CS642 - Advanced Computer Networks
  • CS680 - Advanced Cryptography
  • CS693a - Applied Digital Forensics
  • CS693b - Advanced Intrusion Detection Systems

As part of their work in these classes, students are often required to give relevant presentations.

In addition, modules that utilize the ASSERT Lab have been integrated into several other classes, ensuring that IA and Computer Security concepts are addressed at several points throughout the Computer Science curriculum.

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